Damage or lack of tooth (s) leads to loss of aesthetic and biological functionality and to other consequences such as facial asymmetry and impaired self-esteem. The solution of these problems is done by prosthetics, i.e., replacement of missing or severely damaged teeth with artificial ones. Prosthetics deals with the restoration of defects of the dental crown, loss of one or more teeth, pathological abrasion of the teeth (dental abrasion).

Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic treatment

Prosthetic treatment of your teeth requires an individual approach and a preliminary treatment plan. Heavily damaged and root canal treated teeth can be restored with retention in the canal. It is desirable to cover them with a crown to prevent their fracture.
In the presence of extracted teeth, the defect can be removed by building a bridge structure, which involves two or more teeth adjacent to the defect.
In the absence of posterior canines and larger defects, different types of removable dentures can be made, which differ in the ways of holding to the teeth, limiting the defect.

Types of prosthetics

Depending on whether the prosthetic structure can be removed or not, there are non-removable and removable prosthetics.

Non-removable prosthetics include treatment with permanently fixed (glued) crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers. Depending on the characteristics of the structures used, they can be placed both on a natural tooth base and on a dental implant.

Removable prosthetics are associated with the manufacture of partial (several missing teeth) or whole dentures (of a whole edentulous jaw), which can be repeatedly taken off and removed from the mouth.

The loss of one or more teeth can be restored by placing dental implants. Implant treatment is performed in consultation with a long-term specialist in the field.

Depending on the functional and aesthetic features of the clinical case, it is possible to use different techniques and materials to build stable structures that most closely resemble natural tooth structures – precious metal, ceramics, biocompatible polymers and more.

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