Cariesology - treatment and prevention

The lack of prevention or untimely treatment can lead to complicated development of caries, which in its turn can result in diseases of the dental pulp and its removal (i.e. “killing”) or even tooth loss.
The formation of caries is most often accompanied by a change in color in the affected area of ​​the tooth, softening of the hard tissues or the formation of a concave defect. Other symptoms include: sensitivity to touch the affected area with hot, cold or sweet, pain of varying severity, as well as disturbances in masticatory function and aesthetics.


What is the treatment of caries?

The treatment of caries presents the removal of the affected part of the tooth and the replacement of the missing tissues with special materials. This process is called filling the tooth. Sometimes the manipulations have to be performed under local anesthesia (anesthesia) to relieve pain and reduce the patient’s discomfort.

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In the treatment of caries, the specialists of “MIG DENT” use the most modern polymeric materials, which guarantee biocompatibility without side effects, resistance to obturations and excellent aesthetics.