Aesthetic dentistry

For patients who want to change the way they look and feel, the specialists of “MIG DENT” perform a number of procedures such as:

1. Direct restoration of damaged teeth – restoration of shape, structure and color with the help of modern restoration techniques and materials.

2. Dental bonding – used for restorations and direct restoration of teeth. This procedure removes the aesthetic imperfections of the teeth and corrects the shape, size, color, breakage and distances between the teeth themselves. The material used is photopolymer and is layered by special techniques.

Aesthetic dentistry

3. Placement of ceramic or zirconium veneers, inlays, overlays, crowns and other micro or macro constructions made in a dental laboratory.

4. Whitening of tooth enamel – clinically by a dental specialist or at home with the help of a special splint and whitening creamy agent.

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