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Problems such as crooked teeth, distance between teeth and their accumulation in the frontal area, due to lack of space, can lower your self-esteem and self-esteem. Although most adults seek out an orthodontist for cosmetic reasons, many people need treatment for a traumatic bite, leading to joint pain and increased tooth mobility. The accumulation of teeth hinders good hygiene and leads to inflammation of the gums and the dental apparatus.

Our approach at MIG DENT dental clinic is to focus on straightening your teeth so that complete harmony is achieved between teeth, jaws and face. Timely orthodontic intervention prevents or eliminates the appearance of maxillofacial deformities and anomalies, and it leads to prevention of major dental diseases and guaranteed aesthetics.


What is orthodontic treatment?

A key role in the success of orthodontic treatment is the patient’s motivation and partnership with the orthodontist. For our youngest orthodontic patients who use mobile devices, the moral support of the parents and the exercise of control over the wearing of the devices are of great importance.

What orthodontic treatment techniques do we offer?

Aesthetic braces – We use ceramic braces and sapphire braces, the second hardest mineral known to man.

Lingual braces – the so-called invisible treatment – Lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth and are completely invisible to others. They are usually metal. The aesthetics are excellent.

Clear aligner transparent vacuum rails – Individual rails are made on the basis of a carefully prepared plan. This is possible thanks to high technology, as the splints are replaced during the treatment process for a more precise correction.
To achieve the desired results, you should wear your splints throughout the treatment, except when eating and drinking fluids. You need to visit your dentist regularly to replace the braces, as well as to be aware of the beautiful changes that occur in your smile.

Plates with different construction – Ready removable orthodontic appliance made of elastic plastic – Solves your child’s orthodontic problem with 2 to 4 hours on a daily and all night wearing. It is also used to guide the erupting permanent teeth into their correct position.

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