Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry deals with the prevention and maintenance of oral health of children and adolescents. Dentistry of children’s teeth requires prior adaptation of the child to the clinic and to the dentist.
At MIG DENT Dental Clinic we have a special approach to children, which aims not only to cure teeth, but also to make the experience of the little ones fun by minimizing the fear of going to the dentist and by replacing it with desire and responsibility. That is why we provide a cabinet with an interior of cheerful pictures of teeth that help your children to feel comfortable and mentally predisposed.

Pediatric dentistry

The child's first meeting with a pediatric dentist

The care of temporary (deciduous) and newly emerged permanent teeth largely determines the arrangement of the dentition and the condition of the teeth at a later age. The child’s first meeting with a pediatric dentist is for prophylactic purposes and is recommended to occur after the appearance of the first few teeth (between 6 and 9 months of age). Regular preventive examinations in the following years allow children to get to know the environment of the dental offices and in the form of a game to get acquainted with the manipulations in the mouth, which are necessary for prevention and treatment. This reduces resistance if treatment is needed at a later stage. These first visits are also useful for parents who receive valuable advice on caring for children’s teeth.

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