Symptoms of dental pulp diseases

Symptoms of dental pulp diseases (tooth nerves) are most often: sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli, discomfort when touching and chewing, caused or spontaneous sharp pain, change in shape and color (redness) of the surrounding mucosa and others. The causes of these conditions can be: advanced carious injuries, various inflammatory processes, injuries and more.


What is endodontic treatment?

The treatment consists of removing the infected pulp from the tooth canals, treating their surfaces and hermetically filling with special materials. In case of deeply destroyed teeth, when it is necessary to remove the dental pulp, we offer you modern methods of root canal treatment by measuring their length and precise filling by the method of lateral condensation. This method allows successful treatment of already treated teeth with existing granulomas or cysts, preventing surgical resection of the root tip. Treatment often requires several visits to the dentist, and some manipulations are performed under local anesthesia (anesthesia) to relieve pain and reduce the patient’s discomfort.

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Quality treated and filled canals are crucial because they allow patients to keep their own tooth for a long time. This in many cases means avoiding the need to replace one or more missing teeth with dental implants, a bridge or a partial denture.