Dr. Ivan Doshkov

Dr. Ivan Doshkov

doctor of dental medicine with a recognized specialty in oral surgery, PhD

Phone: 089 342 5121
Email: [email protected]



  • Master of Dental Medicine at the Medical University – Faculty of Dental Medicine, Plovdiv;
  • From 1994 to 1997 he worked as a general practicing dentist in the second city polyclinic – Gabrovo;
  • From 1997 to 1998 he worked in the orthopedic department of the Regional Dental Clinic – Gabrovo;
  • Since 1998 he has had his own private dental practice.
  • In 2000 he became a co-founder of the Dental Center “St. Ivan Rilski ”, Gabrovo.
  • In 2006 graduated with a master’s degree in “Financial Management in Healthcare” at the Academy of Economics “Dimitar A. Tsenov”, Svishtov, and in 2007. – “Financial Management in International Business” in the same school.
  • In February 2007 in Chicago, USA together with Prof. Kisov participated in the admission of the Bulgarian Academy of Aesthetic
  • Dentistry as a full member of the International Federation of Aesthetic Dentistry;
  • Since 2006 he participates in numerous trainings of the Israeli company Alpha Bio Tec – practical dental implantology (surgery and aesthetics) and sales management.
  • In 2006, together with Dr. Khalil Zeina from Israel, he founded the company Medina Bio Ltd. (www.medina-bio.com), which became the exclusive distributor of the leading Israeli system for dental implantology Alpha Bio Tec (www.alpha-bio.net).
  • Dr. Doshkov and his team have a key role in introducing and promoting dental implantology in Bulgaria – until the end of 2015. More than 90 introductory trainings for beginners and over 26 for advanced to work with Alpha Bio Tec were conducted.
  • In 2008-2009 he completes the course “Key competencies in the field of health and health insurance” under project ESF-2121-10-01019 of OP “Human Resources Development”;
  • He specializes in the fields of: prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery and dental implantology. He has taken certification courses in implantology in Israel, Italy, Hong Kong, Portugal, Russia and Hungary.

Courses and certificates

  • In November 2014 he takes part in a course on “Theoretical and practical aspects of complex implant and prosthetic cases”, Petah, Israel.
  • On 29.05.2015 he participates in a practical course in “Microsurgery I level Dr. G. Manev”, Sofia
  • On 25.09.2015 he participates in a practical course in “Microsurgery II level Dr. G. Manev”, Sofia
  • In October 2015 he participates in a practical special class of Dr. Ofir Fromovich “Theoretical and practical aspects in complicated implant and prosthetic cases” Petah, Israel
  • In November 2015 he participates in the course “Scientifically based implantology in complicated cases and patients with concomitant diseases” Budapest, Hungary
  • In 2015 he defends a recognized specialty Oral Surgery.
  • In 2017 he defended his educational and scientific degree “Doctor” at MU Sofia.

Dr. Ivan Doshkov is a member of:

  • Bulgarian Dental Association;
  • The Association of Dental Managers in Bulgaria;