Dr. Gergana Doshkova

Dr. Gergana Doshkova

specialist – orthodontist

Mobile: 089 342 5121
Email: [email protected]

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  • Master of Dental Medicine at the Medical University – Faculty of Dental Medicine, Plovdiv;
  • Since 1996 she has been working in an emergency dental office at the Regional Dental Polyclinic in Gabrovo for more than two years.
  • In 1999 she entered the First Polyclinic, Gabrovo as a general dentist;
  • In 2000 she became a co-founder of the Dental Center “St. Iv. Rilski ”in the town of Gabrovo;
  • Her interest in the treatment of dental deformities and the improvement of dental aesthetics leads her to specialize in orthodontics. She has the privilege of learning from the best specialists in orthodontic practice. In her work, Dr. Doshkova puts science into practice. She is a co-author in a publication of the specialized edition of the Bulgarian Orthodontic Society – Orthodontic Review. She has many poster participations in European and world international orthodontic congresses.
  • In 2018, the Scientific Committee of the European Eliner Association awarded Dr. Doshkova’s resume with an invitation for an oral presentation. At the second congress of the association, held in Venice, Italy, in front of an international audience, Dr. Gergana Doshkova presented her clinical case, treated with transparent splints according to the protocol of Dent @ line.

Courses and certificates

  • 2001 she participated in a practical course for the orthodontic system Orthos of Dr. Nastev and Dr. Dimova;
  • 2001 she participated in a practical course – X-ray methods in the orthodontic practice of Prof. Mutafchiev;
  • 2005 – Lingual arches – practical course of Dr. Dinkova
  • 2005 – Orthodontic courses in the discipline Alexander with lecturer Prof. Alexander
  • 2005 – Philosophy of the MBT system, Twin block class 2 correction, dr. Lars Christensen, Ph.D. John Scholey;
  • 2007 – Practical orthodontic courses for fixed technique of Prof. Mutafchiev;
  • 2010 – Practical course of prof. Scuzzo for Scuzzo-Takemoto lingual braces;
  • 2011 – Orthodontic treatment and philosophy of MBT system, lecturers – Dr. Scholey, Dr. Melrose;
  • 2011 – Certification course for working with Clear-aligner system of prof. Pablo Echarri in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 2016 – Pre-congress course of the Italian Orthodontic Association – “First European Mini-residencyand Typodont Course of Tweed Foundation”, held in Florence, Italy;
  • 2016 – Practical course of prof. Scuzzo for passive self-ligating system lingual braces ALIAS;
  • 2018 – Oral presentation at the second congress of the European Eagle Association-EAS, in Venice, Italy;
  • 2019 – During the World Congress of Lingual Orthodontics, participation in a pre-congress course -L.S.W. ALIAS of prof.Scuzzo; in Barcelona, ​​Spain;

Dr. Gergana Doshkova is a member of:

  • EAS (European Elin Association);
  • SIDO (Italian Orthodontic Association);
  • BOLO (Bulgarian Orthodontic Linguistic Society);
  • Bulgarian Orthodontic Society;
  • Bulgarian Dental Association;
  • ADMB (Association of Dental Managers in Bulgaria);